Here are a few Buffy related videos including cast and crew interviews about "Hush", part 1 of the Buffy A&E Biography episode, a behind the scenes video from "Once more, With Feeling", a few clips, and a some fan-made music videos. These are mostly for fun but, depending on your area of research, could be useful or of interest.

Interviews & Behind the Scenes

Cast and Crew talk about the Season 4, Emmy nominated episode "Hush"

Buffy A&E Biography: Part 1

Behind the scenes of season 6 episode, "Once More, With Feeling"

Clips From the Show

A clip from the Emmy nominated season 4 episode, "Hush"
The inhabitants of Sunnydale have had their voices stolen.

A clip from the critically acclaimed season 5 episode, "The Body"
Joyce, Buffy's mother, has died.

A clip from the popular season 6, musical episode, "Once More, With Feeling"
The inhabitants of Sunnydale are forced to reveal their true feelings through song and dance.

A clip from the season 7 episode, "Beneath You"
Buffy discovers that Spike has had his soul restored.

Music Videos Created By Fans

Clips set to "This is your life" by Switchfoot

Clips set to "How far we've come" by Matchbox Twenty

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