Selection Criteria

The criteria I used for selecting resources was based on a few factors. Firstly, I tried to include quality sources that would be relevant to my target audience.

This wiki is intended to assist people who wish to explore the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a scholarly context so I wanted to provide a decent amount of scholarly materials in the form of books and articles.

In addition to critical analyses I have also provided general reference materials in the form of websites, and companion books to the series.

The companion books provide detailed summaries and descriptions of the episodes, the characters, and the world the characters inhabit; they are not academic or scholarly works but they provide a wealth of information that could assist someone doing academic research or scholarly inquiry into this topic nonetheless.

I tried to include a variety websites, not simply all fansites (which there are a lot of). I included websites that I would consider reference sources because they are searchable and provide a lot of detailed factual information or they provide bibliographies or other reference information pertaining to the series. I think each site included has something unique to offer users. The fansites that I included have been around for years and are of high quality. I also included a link to an online journal that publishes a variety of articles about Buffy, and a link to a website that discusses various philosophical aspects of Buffy.

I have provided links to several types of videos including interviews, clips, and fan-made material. Depending on the type of research one is doing, or what his or her specific interest is, these clips might or might not be useful.

I included information about the Buffy comic book series, because it is a continuation of the show and one might wish to explore these comic books as part of his or her research. The other comic books mentioned are also extensions of the show and its universe and so are also relevant.

Overall, I tried to include a variety of quality materials that compliment each other and offer different perspectives to the user.

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